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Taylor Swift fans experience amnesia from her Eras Tour

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift fans have been struggling to remember anything from the pop star’s three hour concert.

The pop star is currently on a world tour performing around 40 songs a night, but some ticket holders have come away from the gig with “ post-concert amnesia

Swifties have shared their guilty feelings on social media admitting they can’t recall standout moments from the singer’s Eras tour.

Experts believe the symptoms could be connected to their emotions and the length of the shows.

Dr Michelle Phillips, a senior lecturer in music psychology from the Royal Northern College of Music, ensured the condition is not serious and fans will have some memory of the concert which they can cherish.

She told BBC News: "In fact, it's likely to be one of the things they remember attending for the rest of their lives.

"It's simply that they encode some aspects of the event in memory, and not others."

Phillips said when a person is enjoying themselves, it can feel as if “time has suddenly passed” making it difficult to take in and remember the moment.

The reaction has inspired Dr Helen Prior, senior lecturer at the University of Hull, to find out if Taylor’s fans who can’t remember her life performance would relive the forgotten memories when they listen to her songs at a later date.

[ Taylor Swift wrote a 350-page novel at the age of 12 which has never been published.]

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