Shirley Manson talks about mental health

Shirley Manson
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Shirley Manson from Garbage has revealed she has self-harmed and suffered imposter syndrome in an article for the New York Times.

The band’s lead singer wrote about an unhappy teenage relationship: “I suddenly felt I was part of something much bigger than this stupid situation I had found myself in,” Manson explained.

“To my mind, my life had just immediately become more grand and expansive. The problem of course with any practice of self-harm is that once you choose to indulge in it, you get better, more efficient, at it.”

When she ended the relationship Shirley stopped the self-harm, but her mental health reoccurred with the strain of touring Garbage’s ‘Version 2.0’ album.

Manson said: “I was under immense physical and mental pressure.

“I was a media “it” girl, and as a result, I was lucky enough to be invited to grace the covers of newspapers and fashion magazines all over the world.”

Sharing the growing pains she endured through her teenage years Shirley wrote: “I was suffering from extreme “imposter syndrome”, constantly measuring myself against my peers, sincerely believing that they had gotten everything right and I had gotten everything so very wrong.”

But she “resist the compulsion to harm myself again” and “muscled my way through the frustrations, the sick, unhealthy comparisons, and the peculiar, destructive feelings the drove me to believe I wasn’t enough.”

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