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Sharon Osbourne opens up on Ozzy’s Parkinson’s

Sharon Osbourne opens up on Ozzy’s Parkinson’s

Sharon Osbourne has spoken about her husband’s Parkinsons disease diagnosis and how his illness has affected the family.

The TV personality and music manager was interviewed by Jeremy Paxton for his recent ITV documentary Paxman: Putting Up With Parkinson’s.

Osbourne said: “Suddenly, your life just stops — life as you knew it.

Music legend Ozzy Osbourne revealed he was living with Parkinson’s in January 2020 on US TV show Good Morning America, but was diagnosed in 2003.

Explaining how his condition has affected the family, Sharon said: “I just think of my husband who was very energetic, loved to go out for walks, did a two-hour show on stage every night, running around like a crazy man.

“When I look at my husband, my heart breaks for him. I’m sad for myself to see him that way, but what he goes through is worse. When I look at him and he doesn’t know, I’m, like, crying.”

But, as Sharon went on to say, his condition has its positives by bringing the family closer together.

“The positive thing is we spend much more time together as a family and I love my husband more than I did three years ago,” she said.

For more information and advice visit the Parkinson’s UK website.

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