Bareilles admits 2021 was a ‘low year’

Sara Bareilles
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Singer-songwriter Sara Bareilles has said she had a tough year in 2021 which affected her mental health.

The 42-year-old shared her turbulent twelve months on Instagram where the performer also revealed she has been taking medication to help with her wellbeing.

In her post Bareilles wrote:  “It has been a very low year for me with regard to my mental health and I am also grateful that part of the reason I can touch my joy again is I finally got the help of some medication.

“It’s been a journey to try and pull up, and I found this year I needed more help. It is helping. I am relieved and feel more like myself – and I will find my way again and now it feels possible.

“If you’re struggling – I see you and I hope you remember you’re not stuck as long as you’re willing to change the view. Begin again.”

In an interview with People in June 2021 Bareilles, who is best known for her hits Brave and Love Song, told readers about the struggles she has with her body image.

“I have to be in front of the camera again and have to get dressed and get hair done…

“It brings up a lot of stuff for me. I have been someone who’s struggled with body image issues my whole life and I’ve struggled with feelings of being self-conscious as I’ve gotten older…

“Ultimately, whether one pair of jeans fits or not, I can still enjoy the world and the people I love … There’s so much to celebrate, so I try to be gentle.”

Sarah Bareilles composed music and lyrics for the west end musical Waitress.