River Nelson shares his mental health story

cover of river nelson single
cover of river nelson single

US hip-hop artist River Nelson (Daryl) has just dropped his brilliant new single ‘New View’ ahead of studio album ‘Like The Sun Didn’t Sink’ out on Friday 29 October.

Here, for an exclusive article for ABLE2UK he tells us his experience going to see a therapist for his weelbeing after a difficult year through the pandemic.

‘If I read enough, write enough songs, and listen to enough smart people, I’ll never half to see a therapist and I’ll be able to combat feelings of stress and worry by myself.’

That was the reasoning I used to keep myself from seeing a therapist but that changed last year for a few reasons. One, the year of 2020 was unlike anything I or many of us have ever seen before, whether it was due to the pandemic, the social injustices that were seen, or just living with a stronger sense of uncertainty.

And two, I was tired of relying on my own methods to rid myself of some bad mental habits that I have, like ruminating about the past, thinking too much about the future and not soaking up the present enough. 

My changing opinion on therapy is what I call a “New View” but I’ll get more into that later.

From what I’ve learned, I was far from the only one who thought 2020 was a good year to maybe speak to a therapist because according to a poll released by the American Psychological Association, 30 percent of psychologists said they’ve seen an increase of patients in 2020 compared to the year before. 

Plus, in that same poll, other therapists said they started seeing way more patients with feelings of anxiety and depression in 2020 compared to pre-pandemic days.

Thankfully, for me, changing my stance on therapy wasn’t the only mental shift that I had last year, I also realized that I don’t need as much as I thought I did to feel whole or content. That’s because just like many of us, I spent an incredible amount of time alone and had a lot of time to reflect. 

So during that time, I was able to develop a new level of thankfulness for having people in my life that love me, while also being thankful that I have the opportunity to show love back to them. There were plenty of other positive changes for me as well during that time.

And that brings me to the concept of having a “New View,” which is the name of my latest single.

In short, the song is a celebration of not only learning valuable life lessons but figuring out how to incorporate those lessons into my life consistently. I also compare getting to that new view with climbing a mountain, because the process is often slow and difficult but the rewards can be breath-taking. 

“I finally reached a higher place on how to think and to live, I can’t believe how beautiful the view is / I made it up the rugged mountain now I’m on a new cliff, I can’t believe how beautiful the view is,” I rap in the chorus.

So perhaps there are some wonderful things that you’ve acquired since 2020 that you haven't noticed yet. If not, keep going, keep climbing, because a new view awaits, and it might be the most beautiful sight you’ve ever seen.

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