50% of disabled music fans eager to see a gig

a crowd at a gig with two women standing on someone's shoulders
a crowd at a gig with two women standing on someone's shoulders Image credit:

A new poll conducted by Attitude is Everything shows 50 per cent of disabled music fans can’t wait to see a gig now venues have returned to full capacity now Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted.

Out of 289 gig-goers with disabilities 74% said they require companion tickets, accessible toilets, step-free access and accessible seating at live music events.

A total of 35 per cent have booked a ticket for an upcoming show, 48 per cent plan to see an indoor event before the end of the year.

Half of participants said they would be happy to attend an indoor show providing accessibility measures have been put in place, but 24 per cent don’t feel comfortable to go to an inside gig until at least 2022.

When it comes to outdoor shows 73 per cent said they would be happy to attend providing mitigation measures were put into place.

Venues requiring NHS COVID passes in order to attend an event would be welcome by 83 per cent and 67 per cent would prefer to see a show if showing a pass was mandatory.

Other findings in the study revealed 98 per cent understand how important it is for venues to engage with concerns raised by disabled people, with 42 per cent finding it difficult to believe a live venue could provide a safe space to meet their requirements.

Attitude Is Everything founder Suzanne Bull MBE told Music Week: “In 2019, disabled people were big consumers of live events. In fact, in the years before the pandemic, the economic spend from disabled people attending live music grew from £3.4million in 2013 to £9.3m in 2019, so there was always going to be a huge demand from the disabled community to return to live events.”

Bell went on to say: “I urge the live events sector to address concerns and make demonstrable efforts to welcome those with access requirements back to their venues and events, and for artists to become actively involved in this welcome.”

In 2018, the live music industry was worth £1.1billion to the UK.