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Perry to face family of disabled pensioner in court

two separate photos of Katy Perry and Carl Westcott

Katy Perry may have to attend a court hearing over an ongoing legal issue with a family of a disabled US Army veteran.

The global award winning singer has been stuck in a financial battle since 2020 after she paid $15,000,000 for an eight-bedroom mansion in Montecito, California from 84-year-old Carl Westcott.

When the deal was agreed, Westcott, who has a number of health conditions including Huntingtons disease, argued he was on strong painkillers which affected his line of thought.

Perry won the case when a judge ruled in favour of the singer and her husband, actor Orlando Bloom last year.

But she now wants to slash $6,000,000 off the price saying the previous owner, who is now receiving hospice care, owes her for repairs on the property and a loss of rent.

If Perry is to go through with her new request she will have to face the Westcott family in the LA Superior Court where she needs to provide evidence in the damages trial.

A family friend of the Westcott’s told the Daily Mail: ‘It’s clearly apparent that she’s trying to squeeze every last dollar out of Carl’s family.

‘The fact is the Westcott family wants her to face them because they believe they deserve that. She’s taken their father’s house.

‘The least she can do is look them all in the eye.’

Westcott’s lawyers argued the sick pensioner was  ‘unable to understand the nature and probable consequences of his actions’.

After they bought the property Perry and Bloom wrote a letter to Westcott thanking him for making the deal.

The couple allegedly discussed they wanted to move into the mansion so they could give their then-unborn daughter the best start in life, a point which Westcott’s son was at odds with the singer about after she made claims for list rentals on the property.

In May the mansion was registered under DDoveB, in reference to Perry’s three-year-old daughter Daisy Dove Bloom.

The singer placed $9million in escrow to pay Westcott, but will dispute the remaining balance after 25 professionals were sent to assess the 9,285-square-foot property.

Whilst the couple were waiting to move in, an oak tree fell on the mansion causing severe damage, the home was also plagued with water problems and additional maintenance issues.

The famous couple are believed to be asking around £3.5million in lost rent.

Judge Joseph Lipner said: ‘As I sit right here this minute I definitely expect Ms Perry to be a witness.’

Westcott states he had undergone a six-hour back operation just four days before making the deal, when he was on opioids and painkillers to help him on the road back to recovery which temporarily affected his mental capacity. 

In the first part of the dispute, a judge stated: ‘There are no grounds for rescission. The contract must be respected.’

Westcott’s son Chart told the New York Post: ‘Where the judge’s ruling may follow the letter of the law, it shows that the law has no spirit. 

‘Katy Perry will now have to testify, in person, to receive her “damages”. We look forward to her testimony.

‘We hope Ms. Perry enjoys her pyrrhic victory. Lastly, we wish the judge had spelled our father’s name correctly.’

[ The court date was pushed back a month after Carl Westcott pleaded for more time. ]

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