Naughty Boy signed to I’m a celeb to raise dementia awareness

Naughty Boy
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Naughty Boy has revealed he is taking part in this year’s I’m A Celebrity so he can raise money for a charity close to his heart.

The DJ, whose real name is Shahid Khan, has gone into the castle to highlight awareness around dementia, a condition which his 67-year-old mum Zahids, is living with.

His time on the popular ITV reality show will raise the profile for Dementia UK and the work it does supporting people and families affected by the illness.

Before the show launch last Sunday Naughty Boy said: “I think it is important for people like myself to create awareness about it,” the hit music producer explains.

“Dementia UK needs constant funding, and I am going to miss Mum the most whilst I am away in the Castle. I live with Mum, and I am used to seeing her all the time.

"Mum hasn’t been very well, and it is going to be difficult for me being away. But that said, I think the break will be good for both of us.”

Khan is his mother’s carer spending quality time with her through lockdowns which he said was a “beautiful challenge”.

He added: "I look for glimpses, as long as I get a few glimpses a day of who Mum really is.

"A lot of that is to do with love, when I get a love vibration from her or something that reminds me that I'm her youngest son and she's my mum, she's still there."

I’m a Celebrty Get me Out of Here is on ITV every night, times vary, and available afterwards on ITV Hub.