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Mum of disabled daughter angry over gig ticket

Mum of disabled daughter angry over gig ticket

A Mum has expressed her disappointment on the lack of accessible service provided for an Olly Murs concert taking place next year.

Sarah Roper purchased a ticket on behalf of her disabled daughter who lives with Kcnq2, the health condition means little Meghan can suffer up to 40 seizures a day, she can't talk or has any control of her body.

Her mum paid for one ticket for Olly Murs show in Castle Park, Colchester, next summer from Ticketmaster, the site provides an extra ticket free of charge for disabled people so they can take a personal assistant.

Because of Meghan’s needs Sarah asked for an extra companion ticket so her husband could help out at the outdoor event.

But she was told there were no more companion tickets available.

Sarah told Gazette Standard: “You couldn’t make this up. I stressed we are a family of three and we want to go together - I was hoping to go as it’s Megan’s 16th birthday days before and her dad and I turn 50 too.

“It would have been a nice treat but I don’t know what to do now as it seems pointless one of us being in the general crowd and not with each other.

“Megan can’t tell me how she feels about the situation but I am gutted as we rarely get to go out to concerts and this one is on our doorstep.

“Megan loves Olly Murs’ music we had hoped for an easy family night out.”

The promoter, Liz Hobbs/ Grandslam Live, have now arranged for the family to have an additional ticket for the show so Meghan can be accompanied by both her mum and dad.

A spokesman said: I agree it would not be right on the celebration of Megan’s 16th birthday and her parents’ 50th birthdays for two members of the family to be in the accessible area and the third member in the main general admission area.  

“On this occasion, if Sarah purchases a further ticket, I can arrange for all three members of the family to be together in the accessible area.”

Olly Murs is touring the UK in 2023, for full details visit his official website.

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