Monkey member contemplated suicide

arctic monkeys with Andy Nicholson
arctic monkeys with Andy Nicholson Image credit:

Artic Monkeys’ former bassist has revealed he considered taking his own life after leaving the band in 2006.

Andy Nicholson was replaced by Nick O’Malley after taking a three-week break from the band when they were on tour.

In a recent interview on The Michael Anthony Show he spoke about the difficult choice he had to make and the part it played on his mental health.

Nicholson said: “It was probably one of the few soul-destroying moments of my life.

“I remember being in that room once they said [he’d been replaced] and I remember thinking, ‘Just try and be solid about this’. I remember I shook all three of their hands and said, ‘Good luck’. I still to this day don’t really know the full reason of what happened to me or why it happened.”

Over the next three years Andy fell into depression, at one point he contemplated suicide.

“I was very close to not being here, do you know what I mean?” he said. “And then managing to talk to people, and getting through it… time heals everything.”

The reality hit home when Artic Monkeys played one the biggest festivals in the world.

“I do remember watching them headline Glastonbury [2007] on television,” he recalled. “I was just sat at home on my own… just watching it. Just crying watching them headline. Can you imagine what that’s like?”

Nicholson is now back on good terms with his former bandmates.

For advice and support with mental health visit the Mind website.