Mike Skinner experience with mental health

mike skinner
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Mike Skinner has opened up about his mental health status when his band were at the height of their career.


He told Q Magazine in a recent interview: “Every day in The Streets was scary because you feel totally out of control.

Anxiety, paranoia and general fear. That’s what my 20s were like. Whereas my 30s were closer to depression.”

Skinner added: “You try and push yourself through this feeling of existential depression. I’m not trying to say one is worse than the other. It just feels different.”

The performer went on to say his anxieties were controlled after he became a dad: “With kids, you can’t really get anxious. You never hear of parents getting mentally ill over their kids, do you?

“Like, they might become alcoholics. And fat. And get divorced. But you still have to hold it together if you are going to stick at the parenting game.”

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