Merrygold blasts Payne over mental health

Ashton Merrygold and Liam Payne
Ashton Merrygold and Liam Payne Image credit:

Former JLS member Aston Merrygold has criticised Liam Payne for saying his time in One Direction triggered his mental health conditions.

In a previous interview Payne, 27, said he suffered a ‘toxic and difficult’ time in the popular boyband which led to mental illness.

But Merrygold, 33, who was also in a successful pop group said being in the public eye ‘comes with the job, you sign away your privacy' which Payne should had been prepared for.

Liam complained about being cooped up in hotel rooms, although Ashton said measures such as these are put into place for their own safety.

Merrygold told The Sun: 'You are your own boss. It’s not that you were not allowed to do something. He was in the biggest band on the planet and there were thousands of people outside the hotel. So it was probably a safety thing.'

The former JLS star continued: 'It comes with the job. You sign away your privacy. I think you should expect everything, expect it all and say, "This is what I want to work for.

'If you don’t want any of those things then you should not start it because it (the downside) does come and when it does come there are going to be bits that you don’t like.' 

Liam has been vocal about his struggles with mental health and experiencing suicidal thoughts, in conversation with Ant Middleton for Sky One’s Straight Talking he said: 'For some certain circumstances I'm quite lucky to be here still.

'There are times when that level of loneliness and people getting into you every day, it's like, "When will this end?" That's almost nearly killed me a couple of times.'    

Both JLS and One Direction found fame appearing on ITV’s The X Factor.