Matt Edmondson discusses his mental health

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Matt Edmondson has publically spoken about his mental health condition which causes equally episodes of depression and euphoria.

The BBC Radio1 DJ announced on Instagram yesterday, Tuesday November 2, he spent ‘the last year making an albums worth of songs with my favourite pop stars’

He added ‘For my mental health I find having a ‘project’ to work on is what keeps me grounded. I’ve not really spoken about this much before, but a few years ago I was diagnosed with a condition called Cyclothymia.’

Edmondson said it wasn’t until he was diagnosed with the condition when he realised how the mania stages affected his lifestyle.

“These ‘up’ times very much controlled me,” he continued, “and I always had a feeling that if I didn’t go with the excited spark of an idea in that exact moment I might lose it forever.”

Commenting on how the depression made such a negative impact on his wellbeing Edmondson said: “My low times are often accompanied by incredibly strong anxious thoughts, catastrophisation… and panic.”

The DJ said after being diagnosed with the condition he found it easier as it helped him understood why he was experiencing the mood swings.

He explained: “simply getting the label of Cyclothymia placed on how I was feeling was life changing. It helped me understand that if I could spot myself starting to go ‘up’ or ‘down’ I could do something to intercept it.”

Discussing his new project making his own music and his debut project ‘Not Another Love Song’, the DJ said: “I realised that if I jumped on my laptop and just made ANYTHING on Logic, however bad, it would stop my brain from racing off into anxious thoughts.”

The first song, ‘Hay Fever’, which sees Edmondson collaborating with James Arthur, was released on Tuesday as part of a podcast with the same title.

Edmondson went on to say working on ‘Not Another Love Song’ managed to ‘save’  him and “on more than several occasions gave me the distraction, warmth and joy I needed when the world got a bit dark”.

Matt Edmondson joined BBC Radio 1 in 2010.