Liam fan has best view in the house

Liam Gallagher playing old trafford in manchester
Liam Gallagher playing old trafford in manchester Image credit:

For most of the fans gathered in Manchester’s Old Trafford Cricket Ground last Saturday they probably did have a ‘great’ view of their hero performing on stage.

However, for Michael Reynolds he manged to have the beat seat in his house.

The Liam Gallagher fan has been confined to a wheelchair for the past five years, so he was struggling to see the ex-Oasis star at the sold out gig.

Luckily for Michael he was with a decent crowd of mates who hoisted him up above their heads in his wheelchair so he had the perfect view when Liam performed ‘Wonderwall’.

Reynolds decided to leave the accessible viewing platform so he could soak up the atmosphere in the crowd with his friends.

He told Manchester Evening News: “Obviously, there was the disabled area, but there were 15 of us and I am the only one in a wheelchair.

“But I couldn’t see, I ended up just listening to it. My mates had the idea of lifting me up. Suddenly, there were 20 lads all helping. Everyone was loving it.”

After the gig Liam, who spotted his fan in the crowd, tweeted: “Respect to the lads at my concert for giving Michael Reynolds the best view in the house. Biblical behaviour.”

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