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Ladbaby open up on dyslexia

Ladbaby open up on dyslexia

Ladbaby are hoping for their fifth consecutive number one single this Christmas with their charity song Food Aid raising money for people affected by the cost of living crisis.

The track, released on Friday December 16, is a reworked version of Band Aid’s iconic 1984’s hit.

Last year the couple behind the novelty band, Mark and Roxanne Hoyle, shared their experiences growing up with dyslexia.

Mark, 33, was diagnosed privately when he was at school, because back in the day, it was “still a bit off the radar.”

At the time he was offered additional teaching and support with his exams, but he was reluctant to take it in the fear of being bullied.

He said “he wanted to ignore it and not be different.”

Roxanne, 37, said her school was not aware she had dyslexia, but her mum had a pretty good idea and arranged for her daughter to be diagnosed privately when she was 7 or 8.

Unlike her partner, Roxanne accepted the additional help offered by the school and attended extra lessons and special classes.

Fortunately she was not bullied at school for it.

Mark and Roxanne recall sitting down with their mums at a young age for hours for extra education at home.

They see themselves as “really lucky” that their mothers set time aside to assist them with reading and writing skills.

The couple said that dyslexia is a “terrible thing” until you work out how to “unlock the part of your brain that does the translating from words to pictures.” 

Well, it has not stopped them from keeping Cliff Richard off the top spot at Christmas for the past few years - which can only be a good thing!

Food Aid is released on Friday December 16 with all profits split evenly between the Trussell Trust and the Band Aid Trust.

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