Lack of access at festivals and venues

Festival viewing platform
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We are just months away from festival season, promoters are releasing line-ups, punters are deciding which fields they will be pitching up in over the summer – for most of us the toughest job is saving up the money and picking which acts to see.

However, according campaign group Attitude Is Everything, more needs to be done providing accessible information and adequate facilities on-site.

The organisation which specialises in improving access at live music events also raised concerns over the lack of disabled information offered at independent venues. They carried out a study supported by Arts Council England which revealed 69% out of 251 live music venues provide no accessible information and 50% of the remainder were deemed ‘poor’.

Prestigious venues such as Brighton’s Coalition nightclub, Camden’s Dublin Castle, Castlefield Bowl in Manchester and the 100 Club in London came under attack for not providing any information or access for disabled music fans.

Glastonbury organiser Emily Eavis said she wishes to “urge all festival and venue organisers to ensure that they provide high quality and comprehensive access information”

Disabled music fans recounted disappointing memories of being challenged they needed access on viewing platforms because they weren’t in a wheelchair, disabled toilets being out of order and having their medical equipment being searched.

Attitude Is Everything CEO Suzanne Bell said: “If a venue or festival doesn’t provide any access information, I’m at the stage of life where, because I’m older and I can’t be bothered any more, then I’ll go and spend my money somewhere that the information is really clear,”

Last month we staged a concert for disabled music fans in Glasgow which recieved nationwide publictity. Hopefully events such as the ABLE2UK concerts will raise more awareness to promoters and venue managers, encouraging them to improve access at their events.

You can check out all the access at UK festivals on our website.