Kimbra shares her mental health battles

Kimbra Image credit: Instagram

Singer-songwriter Kimbra has opened up on her history with mental health saying on some days she just feels like giving up.

The musician, known for collaborating with Gotye on the 2012 chart-topping hit Somebody That I Used to Know, shared her struggles with anxiety and depression in an Instagram post.

Kimbra, 32, wrote: 'Anyone who is close to me knows I have struggled with this for a long time and continue to be visited by chronic seasons of both [depression and anxiety] throughout my life.'

She shared her story to coincide with Mental Health Awareness Month, admitting it was difficult talking about such experiences in case they may ‘bring people down’.

'[We don't speak out because] we don't want to bring people down, or attract attention to the parts of our lives that are confused, sad, dark and difficult to resolve,' Kimbra said.

The New Zealand singer went on to say: 'I don't want to disappoint people by not being cheerful and strong and upholding the brand of positivity and power that often exudes from my music.

'Some days I want to give up. The racing intrusive negative thoughts I have of self-doubt, criticism and attack feel as though they will win,' she said.

'A frightening panic attack can feel around the corner at any moment.'

The notoriously private star said she was striving to 'follow [her] values' despite her mental health problems, which she compared to living with 'difficult, uninvited house guests'.

She added: '[It] feels like everyone's worked out how to be happy and optimistic in the face of adversity while you crumble under it all and struggle to find the will to face the basic needs of the day.’

Kimbra’s full name is Kimbra Lee Johnson.