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Katy Perry wins legal case over disabled veteran

Katy Perry

Katy Perry has won a three-year legal dispute against a disabled veteran after she bought a $15 million home in Montecito from a disabled veteran.

The pop star and her husband Orlando Bloom purchased the property in July 2020 from 84-year-old Chris Westcott, who lives with Huntingtons Disease.

But after the deal was signed the owner said he was feeling effects of opioids and painkillers when he sold his house, once the symptoms eased Westcott tried to retract the deal.

On Wednesday a Los Angeles judge sided with the celebrity couple, according to People Judge Joseph Lipner said: 'Westcott presented no persuasive evidence that he lacked capacity into a real estate contract.'

Perry’s attorney Eric Rowen told Rolling Stone: 'The evidence shows that Mr. Westcott breached the contract for no other reason than he had changed his mind. 

'We look forward to wrapping this matter up at the scheduled damage trial phase set for February 13 and 14, if not before.'

Rowen added Mr Westcott’s medical expert said his health condition was inconsistent.

The veteran of the US Army 101st Airborne was 80 when he sold his property to the couple and owns a number of successful businesses.

He purchased the 9,285 square foot home in May 2020 which he moved into just two months before selling the house to Perry.

Westcott was discharged from hospital on July 11, 2020, after undergoing a six-hour back surgery.

Three days after returning home Bernie Gudvi, who represents Perry and Bloom, offered Westcott a written offer, which was more money than what he paid for when buying the property on 29 May, 2020.

The next day Westcott signed the paperwork from the brokerage firm to secure the deal.

But his lawyers state he was  'unable to understand the nature and probable consequences of his actions.'

A few days later he 'started to feel mentally clear again' and woke up to the fact that he had just sold the house he had planned to spend the rest of his days in.

the home katy perry and orlando bloom have bought

The property Kate Perry and Orlando Bloom bought from Chris Westcott

On July 22, he emailed Berkshire Hathaway saying the home was no longer for sale explaining he had made the decision to sell under the influence of painkillers.

His son, Chart Westcott, told New York Post: 'Where the judge’s ruling may follow the letter of the law, it shows that the law has no spirit. 

'Katy Perry will now have to testify, in person, to receive her ‘damages'. We look forward to her testimony, and to her being confronted with possible sanctions for perjury. 

'Perry has put herself in a box by claiming that she lost years of rental income and is owed damages, which is counter to her sworn statements about wanting to live in the house. 

'We hope Ms. Perry enjoys her pyrrhic victory, as she explains to her fans about twice taking homes from the elderly. Lastly, we wish the judge had spelled our father’s name correctly.'

Perry and Bloom have personally written to Westcott, in their letter the couple said: 'As you know we are expecting a baby next month and know that this will be the best place to bring her home and raise her.'

The couple continued,  'This home will be a respite, one where we will be able to grow together as a family. 

'We have gone through some challenges in the past week. Our beloved dog Mighty passed away. With such devastating news, being the lucky people to purchase your home is a shining light to help us get through such a difficult time.

'We hope you can appreciate that you are turning your home over to a very loving couple, who are expecting their first baby and have nothing but joy at the thought of making their life and future memories there.' 

But Westcott’s family are outraged that the couple are ‘attacking the weak’ over the property.

Chart Westcott said: '[Westcott] is in a vulnerable state and they attacked him, they tricked him.' 

[ The average age for a first time house buyer is 31 years old ]

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