John Barnes covers England Football Anthem

John Barnes holding up a pair of socks
John Barnes holding up a pair of socks Image credit:

Back in 1990 the UK came together to support England in the World Cup with a new football anthem.

Produced by New order and a guest appearance from footballer John Barnes World in Motion, who rapped on the track, gave the rock band their only number one single.

Now, over thirty years since its release, Barnes has changed his original verse to support a nationwide charity supporting people with vision loss.

The 57-year-old pundit’s new version raises awareness for Guide Dogs UK on behalf of their Walk Your Socks Off campaign.

Barnes’ original line “you’ve got to walk, take steps, it can be in your own time” now sees the ex-footballer rapping “you’ve got to hold and give, but do it at the right time”.

The new lyrics are: “You can be slow or fast, or dance about to a rhyme.

“Walk round your house, your garden, go there, come back. Wear your favourite socks, this will keep you on track. Support me if you can, ’cause I’m your Guide Dogs man. And what you’re looking at is the master plan. We support sight loss, this is our sock. I’m walking my socks off, I know I can’t go wrong.”

The Walk Your Socks Off campaign is asking people to set a step target for at least £50, all contributions will receive a pair of socks created by British Designer Julien Macdonald.

England finished fourth in the 1990 FIFA World Cup held in Italy.