Nelson explains why she left Little Mix

Jesy Nelson
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Jesy Nelson has spoken about her decision to leave Little Mix after the strain of being in a successful pop group started to affect her mental health.

In a new interview for Cosmopolitan Nelson said she knew it was time to walk away whilst the band were filming their video for ‘Sweet Melody’.

“I immediately became a different person,” Nelson told the publication. “I had anxiety. Whenever we had a music video, I put an enormous amount of pressure on myself to try and lose weight.”

She continued: “I’d been in lockdown, and I’d put on a bit of weight but I didn’t care. And they said, ‘You’ve got a music video in a couple of weeks’ and I just panicked.

“I went on this extreme diet, with bloody shakes, and tried to eat as little as possible. On the day of the ‘Sweet Melody’ video I had a panic attack on set because I didn’t look how I wanted to look and I found it so hard to just be happy and enjoy myself.”

Jesy confided in a close friend she had been “sobbing in the dressing room”, it was at that point the singer realised she had to leave the band.

“For so long I worried about other people and letting people down,” she said. “The only person I should have been trying to make happy was myself and I wasn’t doing that. I needed to do it for my mental health.”

Jesy Nelson left Little Mix in December 2020.