Initiative helps disabled people work in music industry

man working behind a sound desk
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Breaking into the music industry can be tough, but thanks to a new initiative people with disabilities are going to be offered a helping hand.

A partnership between the National Community Fund and Attitude Is Everything has formed the Beyond The Music project which will provide experience, resources, guidance and skills for disabled people.

BTN will also work with the music business to ensure workplaces are accessible for all.

Paul Hawkins, Head of Volunteering and Skills Development at Attitude Is Everything, said the charity “believes it is crucial that deaf and disabled people have full and equal access to any employment opportunities on offer.

“Beyond The Music will allow us to try and identify why deaf and disabled workers are so underrepresented in the sector, and to take positive action to implement change. The first step towards that goal is the survey we are launching today. We are enormously grateful to the National Lottery for funding this project, and also for support we’ve received from venues and others in the business.”

“More will be needed on the road ahead as we strive for equality and inclusivity.”

Building on their work with the music industry Attitude Is Everything has launched a survey for disabled employees and those with hearing loss who already work, or interested working in the business.

Attitude said: “The survey is really important to shaping the work we do over the next three years. We estimate it will take most people around ten minutes to fill in but it may take longer depending on your access requirements and the level of detail you want to provide.”

Jacob Adams, Head of Research and Campaigns at Attitude Is Everything, told NME: “One risk is that accessibility will fall off the radar and become less of a priority in some quarters,” he said, adding that it is “really important to nurture the visibility of disabled people during this time.”

“It’s important that recovery is done in a way that welcomes everyone back. There’s a lot of talk about this idea of the ‘new normal’ versus going back to the normal we had before – and we’re very interested in the idea of the new normal. Normal wasn’t good enough in the industry.”

Attitude Is Everything has been working with the music industry for the past twenty years.