Grimes says Twitter has mental health issues

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Grimes has raised concerns with Twitter saying the social media platform has ‘issues with public mental health’.

The news comes as Grimes’ ex-partner Elon Musk reaches the final negotiation stage to buy the platform after putting in a $44billion (£3,4bn) bid.

In a recent interview on MIT researcher Lex Fridman’s podcast she said: ‘‘I do think there are a lot of issues with Twitter in terms of the public mental health but due to my proximity to the current dramas, I honestly feel that I should not have opinions about this because, if Elon ends up getting Twitter, that is being the arbiter of truth or public discussion.

‘That is a responsibility – I am not qualified to be responsible for that, and I do not want to say something that might, like, dismantle democracy.’

Later in the interview Grimes - real name Claire Boucher - added: ‘One of the things that’s happening is that, like, it’s alienating people from wanting to care about technology. I think we can fix a lot of our problems more easily with technology than with, you know, fighting the powers that be.’ 

Grimes shares two children with Eton Musk, the two have an on/off relationship.