EDM producer takes his own life

Pierce Fulton
Pierce Fulton Image credit:

Pierce Fulton has taken his own life after a battle with mental health at the age of 28.

The EDM producer’s death on April 29 was announced today (May 4) by his brother Griff who wrote in a statement: “Pierce was so incredibly full of life, love & unimaginable creativity. He was kind, caring, thoughtful, silly & sweet.

“The most magical person that we were all so blessed to know, hear & see. He was an expert at absolutely anything he set his mind to & had this incredible ability to retain knowledge unlike anyone I’ve ever known. The only word that truly can describe his abilities is genius.

“He could captivate a room of strangers in the blink of an eye with only one hope – to make everyone feel loved, comfortable & welcomed.

“He travelled the globe for the better part of a decade doing what he loved & cemented powerful friendships with so many wonderful people along the way, accomplishing more in his career in music than most could dream to accomplish in a lifetime.

“He loved you all so much & wanted to give you everything he had; and he had so much to give.

“To everyone out there who listened to his songs, thank you. To everyone out there who bought tickets to his shows & danced with him, thank you. To everyone out there who was lucky enough to cross paths with him at any point in life & made him feel loved, thank you.”

EDM Canadian duo Sultan & Shephard paid their tribute to Pierce on Instagram, they wrote: “We are so sorry for your loss. Pierce was such a beautiful guy who always put a smile on our face when we saw him. We’re so glad we got to make music with him and get to know him. Sending your family our deepest condolences.”

For advice and support on mental health visit the Mind website.