Editors’ guitarist takes time out from the band

Justin Lockey performing live
Justin Lockey performing live Image credit:

Editors’ guitarist Justin Lockey has said he will not be joining the band on tour this summer due to his ongoing mental health condition.

The musician will take time out from playing live so he can concentrate on controlling his “struggles with anxiety”.

Announcing the news yesterday afternoon (May 24) on social media the band tweeted “Justin hopes to be back with us on our autumn dates, and we can’t wait to have him back.”

The band then added a message from Lockey which read: “Hey all, apologies in advance as I won’t make the festival shows this summer with the band,” Lockey wrote. “I’ve spoken about it before in interviews / podcasts and anyone who’s ever spoke to me after a show etc knows that touring takes a lot out of me in terms of mental health / struggles with anxiety…

“After a couple years out, it’s been a bit of a struggle getting back into a place that makes it healthy / right for me to be back out there touring. I’m working on it, a lot, and with success (thankfully) so I hope to be back onboard the touring party before too long.”

He added: “Usually, in times gone past and especially in this industry, this sort of thing would just happen and everyone would get on with it, without discussion. But I think (and am very glad) that these conversations are now starting to take place in the open and without the stigma it once caused. I’m very lucky as I’m in a band full of people that understand what I go through and support me without question. Very lucky.

“But, I know there’s so many more of us who are in this industry that struggle, who don’t have anyone who would understand or have an opportunity to talk with someone who shares their experience. And that’s heartbreaking.

“So, to those who don’t, you know where I am. Reach out if you need to. The more we talk, the easier it will get.”

Lockey will be temporarily replaced by Nick Willes who he sees as “a great friend and insanely good guitarist”.

The band met while they were studying Music Technology at Staffordshire University.