Dua Lipa hands social media accounts to management

Dua Lipa
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One celebrity who probably won’t be reading all her social media posts for a while is Dua Lipa after she started to suffer anxiety running the accounts herself.

The singer recently handed her Instagram and Twitter pages over to management after her mental health started to deteriorate.

She told British Vogue: “I would get anxiety. And I was like, ‘This shouldn’t be the way that I’m experiencing this once-in-a-lifetime experience.’ It was messing with my confidence. I’d be super-nervous, wondering what everyone’s gonna say.”

In her speech at last month’s Attitude Awards Lipa said: “Those first few weeks when Covid really took hold were so confusing and it was such a difficult decision to put out music during a pandemic but I decided I would as I hoped this record [‘Future Nostalgia‘] would make people happy and provide some light in a dark time.

“2020 has been a year of devastation and loss and one of learning A lot of my LBGTQ friends have talked to me about what a vulnerable time this was for them and how they relied on the support of their friends to get them through which was particularly important if they don’t feel like didn’t have the support at home.”

She added: “For so many Covid has separated them from the support…The mental health implications don’t bear thinking about. For many the loss of hanging out with their friends and their second families and losing their safe spaces, it will have been catastrophic but we are learning to navigate the Covid crisis.”

For advice and support with mental health visit the Mind website.