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Disabled Taylor Swift fans are let down for Wembley shows

Taylor Swift

Disabled Taylor Swift fans are struggling to purchase tickets for the singer’s UK dates at Wembley Stadium next summer.

Accessible spaces were not  sold online, disabled people had to phone the venue directly with some being put on hold for several hours.

Wembley Stadium told BBC Newsbeat callers were kept on hold longer than usual due to the demand for tickets being “unprecedented”.

Twenty-two year-old Saryna Glazebrook, who lives with Ehlers Danlos syndrome, phoned the stadium over 200 times trying to book tickets for the gig.

"I know getting tickets for this show and tour is going to be difficult, but having thousands of disabled people and one phone line just puts about 20 more hurdles in front of us," Glazebrook told the BBC.

"Especially because I've bought accessible tickets online before."

During the frustrating period one of her friends suggested to Glazebrook she should phone Wembley’s hospitality number and ask to be transferred.

"I need someone with me at every point, especially when I leave the house," Gazebrook said.

"Because alongside my physical disabilities, I also have tendencies of blacking out, forgetting where I am and getting overwhelmed very easily.

"It's really helpful as well being able to sit in a space that doesn't require a lot of stairs or a lot of walking to get there."

India, 27, is the founder of the Swifties with Disabilities Network, it took her two days to buy tickets to see her idol.

"I need accessibility requirements because I have cerebral palsy, a disability from birth, so I struggle with balance," she explained.

India went on to express her disappointment disabled fans had to book tickets over the phone for Taylor’s shows.

"I just feel really disheartened because I'm lucky enough to have had a connection with Taylor Swift over the years.

"She's been really generous to me as a person. And I know she'd hate this.

"She'd be really disheartened that disabled people have basically just been excluded because the phone lines aren't adequate."

A Wembley Stadium spokesperson added: "For those customers unable to wait on the phone we have a call-back system in place which can be accessed via our website."

[ Taylor Swift plays Wembley Stadium on 21,22 & 23 June and 15,16 & 17 August 2024 ]

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