Music Story of 2021: Rapper launches access workshops

Krayz legz performing at boomtown fair
Krayz legz performing at boomtown fair Image credit:

Two years ago, in 2019, Glastonbury Festival founder Michael Eavis presented a relative unknown rapper with a gold award when he reached 100,000 streams on Spotify.

Krayz-Legz may not have the fanbase to see him headline the Pyramid Stage, but his new project aims to support “overlooked” artists who have their sights playing New Band tents.

The musician, who has spina bifida, is behind Kidmenace Studios in Shepton Mallet which has become the base for accessible workshops due to begin this month offering advice on songwriting and music production.

Krayz-Legz is no stranger to playing live, for the past five years he has wowed crowds at Boomtown Fair Festival (see photo above) which made him aware of the lack of access available for disabled performers.

He told the BBC: “After many years being lifted up onto stages from my wheelchair, I want people who have a disability to come into my studio and feel comfortable to make music and not be overlooked.

“The studio is everything I would have appreciated when I started out as a rapper and I couldn’t have done it without my girlfriend (Elly Bull).”

Krayz-Legz also has an impressive list of contacts in his address book who know a thing or two about making it big in the music industry.

“I’m all self-taught and I’m so grateful I’ve been able to make music with big American rappers like Snoop Dog and now I want to give back everything I’ve built up over the years,” he added.

The rapper also released a single with Wiz Khalifa last November which was recorded in Kidmenace Studios.

Head of music for Boomtown Fair Festival, Kaptin Barrett, said: “There are so many creative souls that have accessibility needs and need to be heard but in order to do that there needs to be somewhere they can go to create.

“This studio is that place and support for his crowdfunder is so needed so he can get more equipment so that more people can benefit."

Mr Eavis said: “This is a very special place for musicians who have disability problems and need to be encouraged to make full use of their amazing skills."

Krayz-Legz real name is Mark-Antony.