Disabled MCR fan left devastated at gig

Pixie O'Tool
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A My Chemical Romance fan was devastated when she arrived at the Eden Project in Cornwall to see her favourite band only and found out she was unable to watch the gig.

To make things worse her two heroes Frank Turner and Them were supporting the American rock band.

Pixie O’Tool, who has multiple health conditions including fibromyalgia and uses a wheelchair, travelled from London to the west coast especially for the concert last Monday (May 16).

Her medical needs mean O’Tool’s body finds it difficult to control its own temperature.

The fan had purchased VIP tickets and made sure there was an accessible entrance to the viewing area which she thought was undercover after reading the description published on the venue’s website.

But when she arrived O’Tool was told all the seating was outside - she claims one of the staff offered her to watch the gig from a portaloo on a slope, although the venue has strongly denied this.

O’Tool told Cornwall Live:  “We mulled around and saw the Eden Project before the show and then went back up to the top. The area still hadn’t opened for VIPs yet, and when it did I found out it would just all be outside.

“Their website didn't make it clear that it was an outdoor venue. I figured because it was the domes, it wouldn't just be outside. I was told they couldn't do anything and a staff member got us a jacket and a space blanket - but that would not have kept me warm enough. I have every fucking condition under the sun.

“I explained to them that I'm on a lot of medication, which makes it hard to regulate my temperature and that I’m constantly ill. I was told to sit in a portaloo. Watching My Chemical Romance was a dream for me, they got me through some really hard times and I missed it.”

She was offered to watch the gig from the VIP bar, but said she could only see the roof of the stage.

O’Tool added: added: “I’m a lifelong fan. Them and Frank Turner are my idols. It wasn't just a gig for me, it was a once-in-a-lifetime.

“Most of the staff were really apologetic, they didn't get a chance to fix it. If I fucked up and didn't read it right then fair enough, I didn't expect them to move the Earth for me. I just expect more than sitting in a portaloo or on a balcony. I couldn't bear to sit outside for the whole thing. Frank Turner’s team has reached out to offer me free tickets, but it’s not down to the bands to fix this.”

A spokesperson for the Eden Project said: “We endeavour to make the Eden Project and Eden Sessions concerts accessible for everyone and are ready to help with advice before a concert and on the day. Our Sessions are and always have been in the open air and this is made clear on the Sessions website. There are no covered areas for ticket-holders (both standard and VIP) in the main arena or the viewing platform just above it.

“Unfortunately, we were not made aware of the guest’s specific requirements prior to the event. When the guest approached us about not wanting to be in the open air on her arrival at the Sessions Plus pre-show reception, we immediately assigned several senior members of staff to try to find the best solution in the most sheltered area available, and to give all the help and support we could throughout the evening.

“As a gesture of goodwill we also provided the guest with a full refund on the night. We would like to make it clear that we did not suggest a portable toilet as an option to view the concert.”

Pixie O’Tool has five My Chemical Romance tattoos.