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[Review] Comedy night at the Teenage Cancer Trust

[Review] Comedy night at the Teenage Cancer Trust

'Who's this James fella? He has a bloody easy job tonight. It say's here he is on for 2 minutes here, then another 5, then just three minutes later on...'

ABLE2 is having a meal backstage at the Teenage Cancer Trust Concert. A crew member is sitting next to us reading out the evening's set list for TCT's comedy night. It would be fair to say that he isn't too clued up on his comedians and has never heard of James Corden and for that matter is oblivious to the fact that the Gavin & Stacey star is sitting directly behind him.

The reason for Corden's short interludes is because he is tonight’s compare and despite the claim, he hasn't got an 'easy job' because this is his first stand-up routine. To make things worse Corden is nested between some of the world’s funniest comedians such as Jimmy Carr, Noel Fielding and Rhod Gilbert.

Gilbert also express concern a few tables away, 'There is nothing in my routine which I haven't done on TV recently' worries Rhod to his fellow comedian comrade, Kevin Bridges (who is also on tonight’s bill). Bridges calms him down, quite a sensible move seeing as he has just asked him if he can star in Rhod's new television show, Rhod Gilbert's Work Experience.

Next door Noel Fielding is chatting to a few of the guests in the friends and family room, sporting a new blonde hairstyle. Outside in the corridor Jimmy Carr is preparing for the first of his two slots of the evening. Afterwards all the comedians will meet youngsters from the Teenage Cancer Trust who would have just enjoyed a thoroughly three-hour comedy show at The Royal Albert Hall.

The after-show party is held at Amika where the spellbinding 'Domino' will entertain the guests with his baffling magic tricks.

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