Charlie XCX takes social media break

Charlie xcx
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Charli XCX has said she has been struggling with her mental health due to the “negativity” on social media.

The performer received a backlash after announcing she will play the Afterparty Las Vegas event which stipulates all attendees must own one of 1,500 “Utopian” NFT collectable.

She issued a statement on Twitter yesterday, Thursday February 10, where she announced a temporary break from the platform.

The singer-songwriter said: “I’ve always had a pretty open dialogue with you guys and so I just wanna mention a few things that have been on my mind recently.

“I have been feeling like I can’t do anything right at the moment. I know social media isn’t exactly a haven for kindness and positivity but generally speaking I always felt pretty safe with you guys on here.”

She continued: “I’ve noticed lately that a few people seem quite angry at me – for the choices of songs I’ve chosen to release, for the way I’ve decided to roll out my campaign, for the things I need to do to fund what will be the greatest tour I’ve ever done, for things I say, things I do, etc.

“I’ve been grappling quite a lot with my mental health the past few months and obviously it makes negativity and criticism harder to handle when I come across it – and of course, I know this is a common struggle for most people in this day and age.”

Charli added: “But yeah anyways.. I just wanted to get on here and say, hey I’m really out here trying my best and working my ass off to make things that are hot and exciting and there’s honestly so much more insane stuff to come.”

The singer went on to explain she will be  “drafting tweets from afar” in the meantime “when I feel like saying something and having someone else post them” because she “can’t really handle it here right now,” before wishing her followers “eternal love”.

Charlie XCX’s real name is Charlotte Emma Aitchison.