New campaign supports disabled musicians

a crowd watching live music with someone holding up a pint of beer
a crowd watching live music with someone holding up a pint of beer Image credit:

Today, Monday January 31, sees the launch of a campaign to support disabled artists when they perform live.

The initiative follows a 2019 survey by Attitude Is Everything which revealed 70 per cent of musicians express concerns playing live in fear that their disability will break relationships with promoters, venues or festivals.

Afraid of any repercussions 2 in 3 have taken the decision not to play their music in front of a live audience.

The Just Ask campaign, launched by Independent Venue Week and Attitude Is Everything, offers monthly training to help promoters book more disabled artists so they can perform in safe environments suitable for their needs.

In a statement the charity said: “Promoters at all levels of the industry are now invited to join Attitude is Everything’s Just Ask campaign and ensure that all artists (and their crew) are given the chance to share access requirements ahead of a performance, by asking this simple question: ‘Do your or any of your crew members have access requirements?’.”

In order to encourage promoters to participate in the scheme IVW has said they must put the steps into action should they wish to take part in their 2013 event.

Attitude is Everything’s Rich Legate said: “Just Ask is going to be a hugely positive and beneficial collaboration between promoters and artists, which will only enrich our live music landscape. We need to take the burden away from disabled artists to navigate the industry and show that they are expected and welcomed at all levels.”

Founder of Independent Venue Week, Sybil Bell, said: “We are really pleased to be working with Attitude Is Everything on their Next Stage project (​​which works with the music industry to removes barriers for Deaf and disabled artists).”

Next Stage ambassador and artist Ruth Lyon, added: “Asking about access requirements for artists and crew should be as simple as asking for dietary requirements in riders and common practice. This will have a positive impact on artists and encourage a more inclusive atmosphere for everyone in the music industry.”

Independent Venue Week 2022 runs from 32 January to 6 February, for more details visit the IVW website.