Charity event forced to retitle

coachella at night
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A charity event has been forced to change its name after a US festival threatened legal action.

The team behind the Couch-ella online festival run by the MS Trust, which supports people living with multiple sclerosis, were approached by the organises of Coachella, a major festival which takes place in California, telling them the “chella” suffix was trademarked.

A spokesperson for the MS Trust said: “We’ve had to change the name to ‘MS Trust Home Festival’. We are, of course, devastated by this, but the festival will still go ahead as planned.”

The charity’s chief executive David Martin said: “They asked us to reconsider our name and see if there was something else we could use to avoid confusion,” Mr Martin said.

“Half of me thought ‘Shall we take them head-on?’ but in reality when lawyers get involved it costs a lot and we didn’t want to waste any of the charity’s money.”

The MS Trust Home Festival will take place on August 22 with music, comedy, dance, arts and comedy from the likes of John Shuttleworth as well as an appearance from Mr Motivator.

Coachella however will not go ahead this year because of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic although is due to return over the weekends of April 9-11 and 16-18, 2021.

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