Britney was forced into mental health facility

Britney Spears
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A leaked document suggests Britney Spears was allegedly forced into a mental health facility after she tried to stand up for herself during a rehearsal.

The New York Times reveal they have seen evidence the pop star was put in the hospital against her will in April 2019 after she cancelled a residency in Las Vegas.

According to the NYT “she asserted that she had been forced into a mental health facility against her will on exaggerated grounds, which she viewed as punishment for standing up for herself and making an objection during a rehearsal”.

Britney said at the time she was having difficulty coping after her father, Jamie Spears, suffered a life-threatening colon rupture.

Mr Spears issued his daughter’s conservatorship in 2008 when she was suffering a public mental health crisis.

Britney has been trying to free herself from her father’s role for the past few years which has seen Jamie taking control of her business and personal affairs.

Yesterday, June 23, the singer appeared in court via phone speaking out against her ‘abusive’ conservatorship which she has been fighting since 2014.

“This conservatorship is doing me way more harm than good,” Britney said. “I deserve to have a life.”

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