Bieber donates to mental health cause

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He’s usually in the news for all the wrong reasons but Justin Bieber has shown his softer side after handing a fan $100,000 for a deserving cause.

When Julie Cocker first became a Belieber at the age of 13 she probably wasn’t expecting to one day meet her hero and be given a wad load of cash, but that is exactly what happened last Friday. 7 February.

Cocker, now 22, was at the MTV studios filming a one minute video promoting Active Minds, who she partnered with a few years ago to become their president on behalf of Stockton University.

Since her time with the non-profit organization Julie has supported around 3,700 of her fellow students living with depression, eating disorders and suicidal thoughts.

At the recording of the channel’s Fresh Out Live show Julie had the surprise of her life when Justin appeared and handed over a cheque for £100,000.

After the filming she met Bieber’s manger Scooter Braun took Cocker backstage for a quick chat before two returned to the studio in front of the audience so she could have a longer conversation with Justin.

Recounting the moment Julie told Billboard: "He was wonderful. He’s so sweet and kind.

“I said, 'Congratulations,' because he got married to Hailey, and he asked me about my mental health story, and I told him that."

Julie went on to say she plans to donate the money to the Active Minds national organization and her own Action Minds project at Stockton Uni.

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