Bastille’s dan smith speaks body image

dan smith sitting on a coach
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Bastille frontman Dan Smith has revealed he suffers from body dysmorphic disorder, a condition which has haunted him since childhood.

Smith told the launch issue of Rolling Stone UK magazine he was a “pretty heavy kid” which made him lose “a load of weight” when he was a student at university, but he is still uncomfortable with his physical appearance.

The singer said: “I think I was a pretty shy teenager, and I was a pretty heavy kid, too. In the summer of my third year of university, I ended up unintentionally losing a load of weight.

“I think I went from about 17st to 11st over a really short period, which was a pretty massive physical transformation. I’d always been a large kid and then a larger young adult, so that was stitched into my identity and how I saw myself. In a weird way, it’s still how I see myself because those were my ­formative years.

“So even after losing a lot of weight, I’ve always been self-conscious and awkward about how I look. I’ve not ever articulated this publicly   and I think I’ve just carried that kind of self-consciousness with me. I guess I probably have a level of body ­dysmorphia.”

The condition spiralled out of control so much it forced Dan to turn down TV opportunities for Bastille and Simon Cowell’s offer to be a judge on ‘The X Factor’.

He said: “Getting in front of the camera to do the things you do in a band has often felt odd and unnatural to me. We didn’t do any television ever.

“I was turning down a lot of interviews and panel shows, being a judge on 'The X Factor' and all these things that I just didn’t want to do. They were all amazing offers, but it wasn’t what I ever wanted out of this.”

For mental health support including Body dysmorphic disorder visit the Mind website.