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Arlo Parks cancels tour dates

Arlo Parks

Arlo Parks has cancelled dates on her tour because of mental exhaustion; she is one of a number of performers who have cut short their live schedules expressing concern over their wellbeing.

The singer, whose real name is Anaïs Oluwatoyin Estelle Marinho, said she had been ‘working herself to the bone’ over the past eighteen months.

In a statement, released on social media, Parks wrote: ‘I’ve been on the road on and off for the last 18 months, filling every spare second in between and working myself to the bone. It was exciting and I was eager to grind and show everyone what I was capable of, how grateful I was to be where I am today.

‘The people around me started to get worried but I was anxious to deliver and afraid to disappoint my fans and myself.’

Parks, 22, went on to share her state-of -mind after a gruelling schedule of live performances.

‘I find myself now in a very dark place, exhausted and dangerously low – it’s painful to admit that my mental health has deteriorated to a debilitating place, that I’m not okay, that I’m a human being with limits,’ she said.

Parks cancelled US dates scheduled from Boston to Salt Lake City which were due to take place up until Saturday September 24.

Her tour will restart on Monday September 26 in Portland.

‘I don’t take decisions like this lightly but I am broken and I really need to step out, go home and take care of myself,’ Parks added.

She signed off saying: ‘I will do everything I can to make this up to you – for now you can get refunds at your point of purchase. I’m forever thankful to everyone who continues to show up for me, what a dream to have fans like you guys – I’ll be back – love AP.’

Her fans took to Twitter with messages of support.

One wrote: ‘Lysm Arlo! take as much time as you need to take care of yourself, you deserve all the love in the world.’

Another said: ‘Take care of yourself. Hope you feel better soon! No one can fault you for needing a break. Don’t push yourself so hard.’

The news comes in the same week Disclosure’s Howard Lawrence announced he would be pulling out of the band's tour to protect his mental health, Sam Fender cancelled dates and Wet Leg cut short touring commitments for similar reasons.

Arlo Parks names Sylvia Parks, Radiohead and Joni Mitchell among her influences.

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