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[Review] ABLE2UK CLASSIC: Reliving Live8 - Live8 - Backstage

[Review] ABLE2UK CLASSIC: Reliving Live8 - Live8 - Backstage

A few paragraphs ago we promised to come and take you on a guided tour of the backstage area, and we always keep our promise. So come and share the most celeb fest area we have ever encountered in our lives. As you can probably imagine, there were quite a few hospitality areas. Hard Rock Cafe for corporate guests, a media area and a cornered off sponsor compound. But the place where everybody wanted to be was the artist garden. Located directly back of the stage the Embassy club catered for every single celebrity fit to have an artist pass. We caught Brad Pitt having a chat to Guy Ritchie; could this mean another film in the pipeline? Paul McCartney was the only artist not to have an actual dressing room and was happily walking around meeting everyone. U2 had a small gazebo outside their dressing room area and were met by Bob Geldof before jumping on a plane to continue their world tour, another band that had tour commitments were Coldplay who still managed to find time to play. Shame on you Oasis!

The comedy posse did quite well. Ruby Wax managed to blag herself into the camera pit to watch the show with Ricky Gervais, who incidentally came to the rescue of Peter Kay who was nearly denied access because his hat disguised his identity and was nearly kicked out. Chris Evans wasn't allowed access and had to watch the gig from the golden circle alongside the head of the BBC, Alan Yentob who wasn't best pleased at being thrown out. Although he did manage to make stage access for the finale. After a short disagreement with security Johnny Vaughn managed to keep his place and Edith Bowman joined them with her radio host, Colin Murray. Gervais told us that he was nervous as hell about going up on stage but we told him there was nobody out there which made him laugh, although we still didn't magazine an invite to be on his new show, 'Extras'. That honour went to Madonna when Gervais met her and comically asked her what her name was!

Elton John stayed in his dressing room for much of the time, but Pete Docherty could be seen roaming around. He told us that he was slated by the press after his performance two days earlier at the Wireless festival; we lied and told him that the Babyshambles set was pretty good when in fact it was the worst thing we have seen for ages! REM were sussing out the backstage layout ready for their headline Hyde Park show later in the month and Miss Dynamite was seen eating in the vast marquee which had two tables worth of food which included sausages, burgers, strawberries and cream, cold meat, fish and a full bar dishing out free drinks to all the guests. Tom from Keane could be seen everywhere and Travis rarely stayed inside their dressing room.
We managed to bump into Bill Gates after he 'spent a penny' and managed to scoop some 'priceless' scandal. One of the organisers from Oxfam asked Gates if he would be part of an advert to raise awareness for poverty. The film, which most of you have already probably seen, shows various celebrities clicking their fingers every two seconds to indicate the death of a child in Africa. Gates turned down the request claiming that 'he can't click his fingers'. A more pleasant celebrity was Snoop Dogg, who despite having security as big as Bill Gates ego still welcomed the children backstage to have their programmes signed by him.
Razorlight arrived around 4pm and stayed until the very end and we managed to meet Madonna. At last our conquest to meet the Queen Of Pop came to an end. Madge had her own dressing room with a white curtain to stop onlookers peering inside. There was a second double dressing room for her band and two security guards did not leave the outside compound. Robbie, whose dressing room was directly opposite manage to get an invite to meet her and hubby Guy was seen popping in and out. Madonna eventually came out to meet ABLE2 and we gave her our praises, although with a lack of eye contact you could tell she wasn't interested. Other fans were given the sending off from security and when Madge went for an interview in the BBC compound outside the artist garden it was a closed set. But at least we can now say we have met Madonna.

Joss Stone was another celebrity who stayed until the end, apparently after the show guests were told not to leave the backstage area until at least an hour. This even included Paul McCartney, Bob Geldof and the diva herself Mariah Carey. Now even though we have slagged Carey off we can reveal that she isn't as bad as the reputation she has.

We managed to meet her actually inside her dressing room. Although it was done out quite nicely it was nothing special and she is a very pleasant woman, mind you her music still sucks in our opinion! Slash was spotted by our guest we took in the artist marquee having a meal and Roger Daltrey had his own dressing room separate to the rest of the band. George Michael was quickly rushed in for his surprise appearance and somehow managed to leave straight away.

The media area was packed with portacabins with various DJ's including Vernon Kaye, Jo Whiley and new Radio Two boy Chris Evans. Because the show over ran by 2 and a half hours the two parties at Cafe Royal and The Embassy club didn't see many celebrities as hoped although with a day so mind blowing this was no dampener and we can safely say that we had the best day in our entire lives. Let’s hope that there will be no need for another poverty concert but at the same time lets pray that another historic concert will take place in our lifetime.

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