How you could become a Disney Star!

Even though our name has ‘UK’ attached to the end of it we are well aware ABLE2 attracts readers across the world. We can back up our boastful claim as we received news from one of our readers from across the pond. Eric W. From New York brings to our attention that the folks at Disney are holding auditions.


John Merrick - The Elephant Man

‘Meet the Elephant Man’, which broadcasts tonight on Channel 4 unsurprisingly bears references towards the 1980 cult movie ‘The Elephant Man’. The film focuses on John Merrick, a young born and bred Englishman who suffered from a rare face deformity.


Become an Entrepreneur

We expect most of you will be plonked in front of the television tonight watching the new series of The Apprentice. But don’t you wish you were as successful as Lord Sugar? Think of the lifestyle you would lead. The self pride you would have and more importantly how rich you would be.


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