Sia apologises for film scene

sia in music
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Sia has apologised for how she portrays a character with autism in her debut movie after the film was nominated for two Golden Globes awards.

The singer plays Maddie Ziegler, a nonverbal autistic woman, in Music but her casting has triggered an online petition to stop the movie being shown signed by almost 18,000 people.

Campaigners are furious over a scene which shows Maddie being restrained because she is unable to control her condition.

Apologising for the controversial story Sia tweeted ‘I’m sorry’ followed by a second post which read: “I plan to remove the restraint scenes from all future printings. I listened to the wrong people and that is my responsibility, my research was clearly not thorough enough, not wide enough.”

She went on to state: “MUSIC in no way condones or recommends the use of restraint on autistic people. There are autistic occupational therapists that specialize in sensory processing who can be consulted to explain safe ways to provide proprioceptive, deep-pressure feedback to help w [sic] meltdown safety.”

The film critic for Deadline said: “The film was privately shown to me in early December in hopes I would interview Sia and say nice things about her movie; I politely declined after seeing it, finding it lacking in just about every area.”

Music will be released in the UK this month.