Peter Dinklage rumoured to play Rumpelstiltskin

Peter Dinklage in game of thrones
Peter Dinklage in game of thrones Image credit:

According to reports actor Peter Dinklage has signed up for the forthcoming Rumpelstiltskin movie.

The Game of Thrones star – who was born with achondroplasia – could be playing the fairy tale character in the film written by Patrick Ness (Chaos Walking, A Monster Calls)

In the story a miller pretends to the king his daughter can spin straw into gold. The king locks the girl in a tower and tests her father’s words, she is told if she fails her head will be cut off by the guards.

A small man called Rumpelstiltskin comes to her rescue and spins the straw into gold if she hands over her necklace, but unknown to the King’s daughter the bargain comes with a serious price.

With Dinklage currently filming the final series of Game of Thrones and picking up an Oscar-nomination for Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri as well as appearing in blockbuster smash Avengers: Infinity War could we see Peter playing the fairy tale character which kept us awake at night when we were young?

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