Film story of 2021: Jolie helps actress with hearing loss

Angelina Jolie and Lauren Ridloff in The Eternals
Angelina Jolie and Lauren Ridloff in The Eternals Image credit:

Angelina Jolie has revealed how she helped an actress with hearing loss on set of the new Marvel movie, The Eternals.

Lauren Ridloff, who was born with the condition, plays the first deaf superhero in the upcoming film.

Speaking to Christine Lampard, who was standing in for Lorraine on the ITV morning show, Ridloff said: "I knew that there would be a lot of problem solving and opportunities while we were shooting.

"I was talking with Angelina about my frustrations about not knowing when I was supposed to turn because I couldn't see and there weren't any opportunities for visual cues or for Chloe [Chloe Zhao the Director] to tell everybody 'Action'.

"It was through this conversation I had with Angelina and using a laser-pen that ever since I'm so thankful to Angelina because now I incorporate that into my daily arsenal on set on other projects that I work on. I just hope other deaf actors can use that technology."

Jolie revealed she plays the part of a character who has her own mental illness challenges in a film which highlights inclusivity.

She said: "When you accept a Marvel movie you don't see the script. But they explained to me what this family would be and how diverse and inclusive it would be. We look and feel different to a superhero group.

"My character struggles with mental health, and it some ways, we're the most human and we more appropriately represent the world we live in."

The Eternals is released in cinemas across the UK on November 5.