Hawn says children should not wear facemasks

Goldie Hawn
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Goldie Hawn has raised concerns over children being made to wear face masks saying the protective clothing is having a damaging effect on their mental health.

The 76-year-old actress was speaking on the US weekend morning show Fox & Friends where she directed her views to the 15 American states which are still asking pupils to wear masks in schools to protect themselves and others from Covid-19.

 Hawn told hosts Brian Kilmeade, Will Cain and Carley Shimkus: "We're dealing right now with a mental illness pandemic.

"Mental illness is something that can actually's very, very dangerous.

"If we don’t look at it and know what and how to handle it, then we’re not going to win this battle with kids."

The Academy Award winner went on to say she believes parents are also having difficulty with the situation.

“Whether it's masks, whether it's any of the various things that are going on today in the world, it's very, very scary,” Hawn said.

"I think that what we've got to do is start focusing on our next generation.

"We have to make our future and have to make our children strong and fit and be able to connect to each other."

She went on to mention her own non-profit organization MindUP which supports young people struggling with their mental health.

"The bottom line is MindUP or any of these programs that are mental health are preventative programs should be in schools, not one day a week, every day, should be part of their classroom, part of their learning,” Hawn added.

"Why do we ask kids to learn and don't teach them about their brain?"

The actress has recently opened up about her personal battle with mental health as a child.

In January she wrote an article in USA Today saying: "We all know how magical a child’s imagination can be – the wonderful worlds they create in their minds.

"But there's a flip side to the joyful creativity that can turn a big cardboard box into a spaceship.

"A child's mind exposed to real-world fear, without the ability to properly process it, can go down dark passages leading to nothing less than existential dread."

Goldie Hawn has studied meditation and is a supporter of the LGBT community.