Frankie Boyle offends parents of a Downs Syndrome child

Frankie Boyle offends parents of a Downs Syndrome child

Some people just don't get comedy do they? Take Keiron Smith from Hampshire for example. Mrs Smith took her husband to see comedian Frankie Boyle last week at Reading's Hexagon theatre and found a certain topic offensive.

Mrs Smith's five-year daughter, Tanzie has Downs Syndrome and took umbrage at Boyle's remarks how parents of mongs are out of touch. He also jested at their speech impediment and their shorter life span.

The mother was interviewed on BBC Radio five lives’ Victoria Derbyshire. Mrs Smith said,

"I have to say I had never heard him on Mock the Week poking fun of people with disabilities, it was not something I was aware of he did.

"We had obviously heard him making fun of other people, but quite often his humour appears to be clever humour or making a point about something.

"OK, he can be cutting, but he will often be using his humour to make a point, whereas the type of jokes he was making about people with Down's syndrome I don't see there was any point being made."

The incident was brought to light when Boyle spotted Mrs Smith talking to her husband whilst he was trying to tell the joke. The comedian asked the couple, who were seated in the front-row, what they were talking about.

Mrs Smith continued...

"I told him that my five-year-old daughter has Downs’s syndrome and that I was simply upset at some of his jokes."

"He tried to laugh it off - 'Ah, but it's all true isn't it? Everything I have said is true isn't it?' To which I replied 'No, it wasn't'.

"He then went on to say that it was the most excruciating moment of his career but then tried to claw the humour back by saying we had paid to come and see him and what should we expect?

"To which I replied that I understood that and that it was my personal problem/upset."

ABLE2's opinion is this, first of all if she didn't like what she heard she could have quite easily had left the theatre. Maybe her disabled daughter would have preferred that her 'caring' mother had stayed in with her for an evening?

Also, even though we haven't seen the show, we predict that Boyle didn't just slag off mongs but also other minority groups which can at least take a joke!

It seems to us that if a comedian tells a joke insulting disability they face prosecution from old fuddy-duddies such as Mrs Smith.

We are still unable to confirm that Mr Boyle also made fun of the massive chins most Down syndrome people have!