Campaigners criticise Bond villains

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Without giving away any spoilers the two villains in James Bond’s latest movie, No Time To Die, both have facial disfigurements.

Safin (Rami Malek) and Blofeld (Christopher Waltz) are the latest baddies making life hell for OO7 with a visible impediment joining Javier Bardnm’s disfigured jaw in Skyfall and Mads Mikkelsen’s broken eye in Casino Royale.

But disability campaigners believe having evil characters with facial scarring is as outdated as having a bit on the side called Pussy Galore.

In a post author Jen Campbell tweeted: “Every time a new James Bond film is made, the producers are asked to reconsider their representation of disfigurement. Every time, they say they don’t care. The new film, out this week, is no exception. This time, two villains with facial disfigurements. Lucky us.”

Presenter Adam Pearson, who was born with neurofibromatosis, told ITV News: “When the only character with a scar or disfigurement is shown on screen as the villain, it’s perpetuating the use of an old-fashioned and outdated trope.

“This isn’t about banning baddies from having scars or telling people not to enjoy a trip to the cinema, it’s about putting a line in the sand and saying now is the time to ensure other characters can be seen on screen with a visible difference too.”

No Time To Die is on release now at cinemas nationwide across the UK.