Cinemas criticised for Quiet Place II screenings

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A hearing loss charity has made their voices heard after a number of UK cinemas are not showing subtitled screenings of new summer blockbuster A Quiet Place II.

The sequel to the 2018 film stars deaf actress Millicent Simmonds, who plays Regan Abbot who is trying to survive with her family in a world ruled by creatures who hunt just by hearing sound.

Despite the movie being acclaimed for giving one of the lead roles to an actress with hearing loss a report by the National Deaf Children’s Society found only 41 per cent of cinemas ran a subtitled screening in its opening week.

“Deaf people are just as entitled to enjoy the thrill of the cinema as hearing people, but they’re still not being provided for,” a spokesperson for the charity told Metro.

“Half of cinemas didn’t provide any subtitled showings and those that did were unwilling to offer them at convenient times.”

They added: “It’s a sad yet familiar story for millions of deaf people across the UK, where subtitles are now a holy grail instead of something they can rely on.”

Responding to the criticism a representative for Cinema UK blamed the Covd-19 pandemic on the shortage of screenings providing subtitles.

“The reality is that building back to where we were on such shows and remaining economically viable will take some time,” they said. “Before the Covid pandemic hit in early 2020, on average there were around 1,500 subtitled screenings per week across the country.”

They went on to add during each of the first two weeks of the film’s release there had been over 500 screenings with subtitles at UK cinemas.

A Quiet Place II is on general release at UK cinemas now.