Bill Nighy plays Florence Welch’s anxiety

Florence welch resting on Bill Nighly
Florence welch resting on Bill Nighly Image credit:

Florence + The Machine have dropped a new video to latest single ‘Free’ featuring Bill Nighy.

In the clip, choreographed by Autumn de Wilde, Nighy plays the role of singer Florence Welch’s anxiety as she tries to control her mental health.

Over the years Welch has been spoken about her wellbeing saying mental illness has run through her family and revealed her past drinking habits were an addiction in an attempt to control anxiety, possibly triggered by past traumatic events.

Her grandmother’s suicide may have led to Florence having PTSD, although the condition was never diagnosed.

Florence has also addressed an eating disorder she had growing up on in her 2018 track Hunger, now four years on and with a new album set to be released next month we can expect to see more tracks from the award winning artist addressing mental health.

Dance Fever, Florence + The Machine’s new album, drops on May 13.