Become a TV Presenter

Channel 4 are certainly getting their teeth into the 2012 Paralympics, a few months ago ABLE2 told you that the channel promised to give extensive coverage of the event. The countdown races off from the starting line in a few weeks time and there's even a chance for you to become a television star!

A new 10-part magazine show lamely titled 'The Paralympic Show' will see T4's Rick Edwards and wheelchair basketball champion Ade Adepitan team up with guests each week to participate in features such as 'Pimp My Chair'. Although don't bank on a triathlon of A-list stars as Alex Reid has already been booked to appear on a forthcoming episode.

The show will kick off over the August bank holiday weekend where Steve Jones and Miquita Oliver will host T4 from a country house in Bath next to the Paralympic GB training camp.

If the prospect of watching a Celebrity Big Brother housemate trying to rinse the last drop of publicity out of their fading career matches that of a wheelchair user being told they have to compete in a hurdle race then maybe you'll be drawn to Inside Incredible Athletes, a series which features seven athletes with disabilities filmed around London.

Or maybe you are thinking ...I could do this presenting lark myself! Well, if you aren't agile enough to compete in next years games you could find yourself commentating on them instead. Channel 4 have splashed out £500,000 to launch a nation wide hunt to find disabled talent and turn them into presenters, experts and commentators for next years games.

Granted, if you have a chronic speech impairment the odds of winning could be stacked against you, but if you fancy a shot at becoming the new Jake Humphreys (albeit the disabled version!) keep your eyes peeled for further announcements on this exciting competition.

The Paralympic Show starts Sunday 29th August, Inside Incredible Athletes will also be shown later on the same day.