BBC documentary follows conjoined twins

abby and brittany
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They say two heads are better than one, although twins Abby and Brittany Hensel may disagree, there again they may stand by the well known proverb – it probably depends how their relationship is at the time.

You see, the twins are unable to escape each other despite having separate organs from the waist down the American students are conjoined twins and the centre pieces of a new three-part series which starts tonight on BBC3.

Abby & Brittany: Joined for Life follows the twins as they leave college and prepare for the big bad world.

In the first episode we see the girls preparing for their spring break from Bethel University, although they must also take into account they have their first job interview to prepare for, which they hope will land them roles as primary school teachers teaching young children mathematics.

In a future episode we travel to London with the girls as well as venturing on a road trip throughout Chicago where we are introduced to their friends.

The girls have already added up financial agreements if their career move is successful as Abby states...

"Obviously right away we understand that we are going to get one salary because we're doing the job of one person." Although the twins are considering negotiating on a higher price on the basis they can “we can do more than one person."

As Abby is taller than her sister Brittany she has to stand on her toes in order to maintain balance, although that isn’t the only problem the girls have to cope with. Diets have to be agreed on, fashion needs to reach comprises and their social calendars require careful planning.

The girls also bring unwanted attention, such as members of the public taking intrusive photographs of them when they go out in public.

Despite sisterly conflicts the girls remain happy and being one of the only 12 adult conjoined twins in the world their parents are pleased they made the right decision when they declined an operation which could separate the girls, but carried a high risk of losing one of their cherished daughters.


Abby & Brittany: Joined for Life is on BBC3 tonight, Thursday 25 April at 9pm.