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Willerton posts heartfelt message to her brother

Willerton posts heartfelt message to her brother

Model Amy Willerton has publicly thanked her brother Ross for being an inspiring sibling by posting a heartwarming message on social media.

Ross was born with mosaicism, despite being 28 he has the mental capacity of a one-year-old and also lives with severe autism.

Amy, 30, told her brother how much he means to her on Monday by posting a photo of them both on Instagram with a touching caption.

She wrote: 'You aren’t like everyone else. You don’t feel obligation. You aren’t polite. Rules, manners, fear - simply don’t exist.

'When you don’t like someone you walk away - you shut the door. You don’t care. But when you laugh you laugh from the bottom of your belly.

'When you hug it’s from the purest form of love. When you sign to tell me you love me, I know it’s for no other reason than you do.

'You will always be pure truth to me. The world could learn so much from you.

'I know you won’t ever know I’ve written this for you, but you inspire me everyday Ross to cut my bullshit, face myself, be with myself, accept myself.

'I’m so grateful for you little brother, my greatest teacher ♥️.'

The TV star went on to say she feels ‘young people in care homes’ were forgotten about through the pandemic and is keeping her fingers crossed she will see her brother again over the festive season.

Willerton wrote: 'I want to share something with you about a group of people that I truly believe have been forgotten about during this #pandemic and that is young adults in care homes.

'Those who are not considered high risk and yet meet the same strict measures that have been placed across all social care.'None of my family have been able to see my brother since March. So these zoom meetings are the only contact we’ve been allowed with him.'

She continued: 'Although garden meets were possible at one point, if Ross were to come within 2m of us he would be immediately quarantined for 2 weeks.

'As he has the mental capacity of someone Demy’s age explaining to him that he can’t touch us is impossible.

'And he loves his walks, he loves going outside, so would never want to take away that for him :( …

'There are so many damn unfair , crazy scenarios in this whole saga that show more and more how our society can only see the status numbers and not the individual.'

Willerton added: 'Leaving so many feeling alone in their struggles. I hope so much that something changes soon to recognise this happening and look at individual cases.

'So our Ross can finally come home for Christmas. I don’t like to complain.

'I know how lucky I am ... but we all miss him so much. Just feel very helpless to help x #theforgotten.'

Amy Willerton is best known for winning Miss Great Britain in 2013.

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