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University designs accessible clothes for conjoined twins

Marieme and Ndeye

A fashion student has come to the rescue of a dad struggling to dress his conjoined twins.

At seven-years-old Marime and Ndeye are starting to show an interest in how they look, but they each have their own sense of style.

Being joined at the pelvis, sharing one pair of legs and the use of a middle arm, makes it difficult for their father Ibrahima to find suitable clothes which they both feel comfortable wearing.

After hearing about the dad’s predicament students and staff at the University of South Wales fashion department have shown an interest in designing accessible clothing for the girls.

Susan James, a technical instructor in fashion at the university, told BBC News: "When I first heard about the girls I thought what an amazing project to be involved in.

"To give them something they can't normally get - to be able to go into a store and that excitement and everything that brings with it."

Ibrahima is trying to find clothes to suit his daughters, but as he explained - it’s quite a challenge!

"It is giving me grey hairs every day," he joked. "You have to buy two identical tops to join them together.

"They have two legs, so they can have regular trousers, but their hips are very wide so you have to take it to the alteration shop."

Ndeye prefers pink and would like a unicorn motif, she also loves cats, whilst Marieme’s favourite colour is red.

There’s the added issue of Ndeye’s system working harder to support her sister, which makes her more hot and sweaty.

To solve such conundrums the Uni’s fashion department has combined a t-shirt with a sweatshirt and adapted a winter coat so one side has less thermal padding than the other.

If the clothing is a success it is hoped that similar clothes may be designed for other families with conjoined twins.

[ Marieme and Ndeye were the subject of BBC’s documentary “Inseparable Sisters” currently available on BBC iPlayer ]

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